How to Spy on iMessages with FlexiSPY

Spy on iMessages

With FlexiSPY monitoring software one of the features that you will see is that it captures iMessages. In fact, iMessages will probably be the primary way that the users between two iPads will communicate via text. How do you monitor iMessages with FlexiSPY? It’s actually quite easy. Read further.

What Is iMessage?

The iMessage app is provided on Apple’s iPhone and iPad for the purpose of sending instant messages without a need for SMS service. It is available on iOS versions 5.0 and above. You can send not only text with the iMessage app but photos and geo-locations as well.

It uses the internet and will work even if the carrier service is down. This applies to iPhones and iPads with SIM cards installed. Of course if the iPad has no SIM card then SMS messaging is a non-issue. A user of the iMessage app will not incur any additional charges as is the case with SMS messages.

The SMS tracking software from FlexiSPY captures every bit of textual communication through the iMessage app thus it is valuable for finding out the truth as to the activities on the target device as you’ll read in the next section.

Why is Monitoring of iMessages Important?

For both parents and employers, the monitoring of iMessages is important because their children and employees oftentimes get carried away texting and sharing photos between iPads and with their iPhones. Examples of getting carried away include:

  • Exchanging off-color or abusive text
  • Participating in lengthy chat sessions wasting homework and work time
  • Sharing inappropriate photos
  • Coordinating activities that you wouldn’t approve of

If you as a parent or employer have FlexiSPY app installed on the target device, you can see what is being said and the pictures exchanged in the iMessage chat logs. Actually, the photos will show up in the photo logging area. The spying software sends it all to your control panel and it remains there even if the iMessages are deleted from the monitored device.

As for setting up to spy on iMessages, the next three sections describe the simple steps that are required. A prerequisite before following these installation steps is that the iPhone or iPad is “jailbroken.” Jailbreaking can be thought of as unlocking the smart device so that an installed app can access the core of the iOS operating system. If you don’t want to jailbreak the phone but want to spy on iMessages , there’s a program you can explore: mspy without jailbreak. mSpy lets you monitor their iPhone activity without having to jailbreak or unlock the device.

The following steps assume that you have purchased a subscription to FlexiSPY and describe what is necessary to get up and running for the monitoring of iMessages.

Step 1: Download and Install the FlexiSPY App

You need to get control of the iPad or iPhone that you will be spying on text messages or iMessages on before doing anything. Once that is complete, follow the vendor’s instructions for downloading the app and installing after buying your subscription. Here’s a general guide on how to install it:

It doesn’t take long to install the software. Figure that you’ll need about 30 minutes, depending on the complexity of installation. Some makers of monitoring software require that you configure the logs to send on the monitored device’s control panel while others let you make configuration changes from your web browser-based dashboard.

Step 2: Set to Log iMessages on the Monitored Device Admin Panel

Whether you are making settings from the admin panel on the monitored device or from your control panel, make sure that you set the option to log iMessages to “on”. Otherwise, you won’t see any of the information from incoming and outgoing messages from the app.

Step 3: View the Messages Sent on the Control Panel

FlexiSPY Control Panel

After installation is complete and the setting made, it is a matter of logging into your control panel and viewing what is sent. You will see for each message the date/time, sender, receiver, and iMessage direction (incoming or outgoing).

Tap the Power of FlexiSPY Filtering

What is nice about FlexiSPY sms spy app when it comes to iMessages is that you can actually define trigger words through its alerts feature accessed from the control panel. Thus, iMessages as well as other text messages pass through this keyword filter and when any of the words that you define appear you get alerted.

If your kids are discussing drug-related activity, you’ll get alerted because you would have already defined words such as “weed”, “pot”, “ice”, and whatever other word is associated with this activity. You can even be alerted to your employees who might be thinking of taking an early happy hour during working hours.

The FlexiSPY iPad and iPhone monitoring solution is powerful when it comes to iMessages. Texting is a popular mode of communication between smart devices but you will never know the truth as to the activities of your children and employees unless FlexiSPY software is running on their devices. Don’t overlook getting a subscription when you first get a new iPad or iPhone.