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ESET Mobile Security for Android

When you are browsing the web on your smartphone, you may not be thinking about potential security risks or viruses. However, these can threaten the life of your phone, as well as your personal information. That’s only natural because most people don’t think of their phones the same way that they think of their computers. The truth is, there is a spy app that can monitor your online activity, your phone is just as vulnerable when accessing the web. With ESET Mobile Security for Android, you can browse the Internet without the worry of your personal information being accessed or compromised by a virus.

ESET Mobile Security App

Key Features

  • Antivirus – scans all of your emails, any site that you visit, and all of your files.
  • Anti-Phishing – protects your identity and your personal data.
  • Anti-Theft – gives you options to try and recover your phone when it is stolen.
  • Apps Audit – shows you what your apps are allowed to do and the information they can access.
  • SMS and Call Filters – allows you to block calls and messages easily.


One of the most valuable components of ESET is the Anti-Theft features. You can use the Internet to locate and track your phone. You can lock it remotely so the thief can’t access your personal information. If you are concerned that locking it isn’t enough, you can use the wipe clean command to clear everything off of your phone. You can also use SIM Guard to restrict access. The siren command is useful to scare the thief, so you have a higher chance of getting your phone back.

ESET Anti-Theft


ESET AntivirusSince you probably installed ESET Mobile Security on your device for its antivirus capabilities, it is important to know what features are offered. ESET protects you in real time. This means that as you are browsing the web, it is looking out for you.This app doesn’t sit idle, and wait to work when it conducts a scheduled scan. This means you can stop the virus in its tracks, which will better protect you from potential threats. This application is an active, alert, and prevents threats from ever entering your phone.

It is able to let you know if you come across a website or application that is harmful. The Anti-Phishing feature will make sure that no one can access your personal data, which is a must have if you do any online banking or shopping. The Apps Audit is particularly useful if you have a lot of apps on your phone. Sometimes it isn’t clear what information they are able to access, or files that can be downloaded without your permission. With this feature, you can find out what all of your apps are doing quickly.

ESET Mobile Security is a great anti-virus and anti-theft application that Android users love and trust. Start out by using the free version, as this will give you an understanding of how the application works. The premium version offers advanced features that will further protect you against potential threats. ESET is user friendly, and contains all the features to ensure your sensitive information is not compromised.

Download ESET Mobile Security for Android App (Android 2.3 and higher): You can also try the PREMIUM version free for one month.