Welcome to my new website!

Hi, Matt Brauer here, and I’d like to welcome you to my site. You more than likely found your way here because you either are interested in web development or are looking to hire a web developer for one of your projects. I should be able to help you with both.

My experience in web development extends back more than six years. In that time, I have acquired many valuable skills that have helped me to forge a full-time income from web development as both a contractor and a freelance developer. It’s these skills that I have acquired over the years that have inspired me to share what I’ve learned with those who wish to learn it. Web development is unlike anything else in the world, combining both a beauty and a skill that is unmatched by other professions.

The extent of my knowledge of web development is directly related to the amount of time I have sacrificed to learn it – hours upon hours spent attending classes, taking certification courses, creating applications, and reading more material than I care to count. And while my study will never cease, I am happy to announce that I’ve succeeded in becoming proficient in multiple important areas of web development, and I’d like to share those areas with you below.

As with all beginning web developers, my journey began with basic HTML, where I first learned to create hyperlinks and bold text. Once I became proficient in HTML, I branched out to learn the design side of web development via Cascading Style Sheets (or CSS). After a couple of years honing my skills in HTML and CSS, I began accepting clients for website creation projects. The more clients I acquired, the more my skills developed, and the more I was able to branch out to learn new skills that would improve my web development.

I soon delved into PHP specifically for WordPress theme development and combined it with a self-study of JavaScript before branching out to the server side of things with Perl, Ruby, and .NET.

I state the above education achievements not to boast, but to hopefully give you an idea of the experience I possess in my chosen profession. See, I believe that I have acquired the skills necessary to add true value to my clients via the development of various web applications – whether it be an online application or a functioning website.

I haven’t achieved the above without a certain surplus of hard work and dedication, and it’s that same hard work and dedication that I bring to every job I am a part of – whether it be individually or with a team. If there’s one thing I am most proud of, it’s my ability to work with others, be it clients or other developers.

I am fully dedicated to adding as much value as I possibly can to people’s lives. And it doesn’t matter the avenue I take to do it. If it’s as an employee, then I’ll add the functionality and design aesthetic needed to produce a high quality web application. If it’s as an instructor, then I’ll add the many years of experience I’ve had “in the trenches”, learning how this whole web development thing works, so I can share my greatest passion with those who are interested.

Whether you’re looking to hire me for your next job, or just have a question you’d like to ask, I look forward to hearing from you!