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Worry-free Living with a Cell Phone Spy

cell phone spyIt is no secret that cell phones have practically replaced the way people communicate these days. I find them to be quite convenient and as a parent I utilize that convenience by purchasing cell phones for my kids. I have a teenage daughter and a younger son and both have Android smartphones. I can reach them when I need to and I needn’t worry about their ability to contact me.

However, I also know that their smartphones can be used to communicate with others in the wrong way. Plus, they can be used for other secret activities that I need to know about. Thus I opted for worry-free living by purchasing cell phone spy software to run on their smartphones.

What Is a Cell Phone Spy?

A cell phone spy is a software application that runs on a smartphone and reports the activities of its user. It reports a myriad of events such as calls made/received, text messages exchanged with others, websites visited, emails sent/received, GPS location history, and more.

Different phone spy software vendors have minor differences in the features they provide but what I just mentioned you’ll find is for the most part common among them.

Where My Kids Are and With Whom They Chat

Last year, I discovered that my teenage daughter was not being truthful when it came to letting me know where she was going. She told me that she was going with her friend’s family on a camping trip. I called her friend’s mother and she told me that they were not going on a camping trip and my daughter was lying to me.

Nowadays, with a cell phone spy that has GPS tracking capability on her smartphone, I always know where she is at even though she might try to tell me otherwise.

I also know with whom my daughter and son communicate. With cell phone spy software, I can see the full text of message exchanges from SMS, emails, and instant messenger (IM) apps. I can view the contacts file on their phone as well. If I don’t know the person they are chatting with, I can find out.

No Fears of Employees Abusing Their Smartphones

I happen to own a catering business and I have employees out at various events delivering and serving food. I need to be able to reach each catering team leader so I issued smartphones with a cell phone spy installed to them.

When I was making this decision to issue smartphones, I had read about the problems that occur when employees have these devices and there is no cell phone spy software running on them.

Without something to monitor their activities, they might browse inappropriate websites, do personal chatting, run up expenses from excessive SMS exchanges, and so on. The greater overall problem is that they can waste time on their smartphones.

In this case, I was proactive by putting the cell phone spy software on their devices before issuing them. Cell phone spy software runs totally undetectable and there are no traces left from the installation.

All of the activities logged by cell phone spy software are sent to the software vendor’s server where I can conveniently view them from a web browser interface.

If you can relate to the same situations that I described above, you have an answer for living worry-free with cell phone spy software.